YouTube April Fools’ brings SnoopaVision to viewers

Date:1 April 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , ,

If you haven’t had the chance to stop by YouTube today, you might not have found out about the video sharing website’s all-new “feature”. It’s called SnoopaVision, and it puts you in a screening room with rapper Snoop Dogg. In case you were wondering: no, it’s not real.

For April Fools’ this year YouTube collaborated with the rapper to bring you special 360-degree screenings of selected videos. Viewers will watch the video from a digital screening room, where they can look around and listen to the rapper’s commentary about the video.Watch the video above to check out YouTube’s promo video for SnoopaVision, or click here to see the list of special screener videos.

Every year Google pulls out all the stops to celebrate the wacky holiday. Last year the company added a “Pacman View” to Google Maps, allowing users to to play Pacman along real streets, while over on YouTube viewers were suggested to watch Darude’s Sandstorm (the music video to their club hit) as a related video to almost every other video on the website. And this year isn’t any different.

This morning Google users in Australia awoke to a “mic drop” feature in GMail that has left many upset. The function would attach an animated GIF to an email showing a minion (from the movie Despicable Me) with a crown dropping a microphone and walking off. This April Fools’ feature would also archive any other emails received on that thread. In case you’re not aware: mic dropping was popularised by Internet users as an insinuated, bold and somewhat cocky statement of confidence. Naturally this feature caused quite some anger among GMail users in the east, and was quickly disabled by the tech giant.

Although this function seems to have done more harm than good, there are a host of other April Fools’ discoveries that are yet to be made. We won’t spoil the rest of April Fools’ for you. Head out and try to find them all.

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