013 Nissan Juke Nismo

Date:7 October 2013 Tags:, ,

NISMO (henceforth Nismo) is short for Nissan Motorsports, the company’s racing and performance arm, responsible for special-edition models.

A performance Juke? Sure. This one gets a distinctive front fascia with LED running lights that mimic the GT-R’s, a new rear spoiler, red mirrors and tachometer, a faux-suede steering wheel, and excellent seats with more lateral support.

So it’s just a visual upgrade? Nope, the 1,6-litre turbo puts out 147 kW, a few more than standard, with around 9 N.m of
extra torque. Plus, the suspension is 10 per cent stiffer and rides on high-performance Continental tyres.

Is it worth it? This is the best-looking and best-driving Juke in the lineup, with noticeably better grip and handling. If you’re
into the funky Juke, the Nismo is worth the extra money. – Michael Austin


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