2012 Porche 911

Date:24 March 2012 Tags:,

Over the 911’s 49-year lifespan, every generation has delivered greater performance. But increased fuel economy? Who cared? Yet the new 911 will deliver the same 260 kW as before, but with 16 per cent better fuel economy. It’s also longer, lower and wider, but lighter by about 45 kg. Two seven-speed gearboxes are available: an automated dual-clutch unit and a manual. Toe into the throttle and the flat six sounds deliciously throaty, thanks to ducts that pipe intake sounds directly to the cabin. On our mountain-road drive, it was incredibly easy to master the curves. The new electromechanical steering system still delivers accurate information from the front end; the shocks are just more adept at keeping the tyres glued to the asphalt. And that helps make it smoother and less fussy to drive very quickly. In short, the 911’s rough edges have been buffed clean off. – BS


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