Alfa Romeo Giulietta

  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Date:31 January 2010 Tags:,

Reviving a legend

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, but we can see the Alfisti getting all misty-eyed over the latest baby from Alfa Romeo. It’s been five decades since the Giulietta nameplate came to signify, for many, the sports sedan benchmark. After a couple of iterations the name was pensioned off in the 1970s as Alfa embraced numerical model designations.

The Giulietta is yet another example of how Alfa is plumbing its pedigree for ideas: the 8C Competizione supercar started the process of reinventing the heritage.

Drivetrain tech includes DNA adaptive drive (first seen on the MiTo). Four Turbo engines ranging from 78 to 126 kW will be available at launch, all Euro 5 compliant and fitted with a standard “Start&Stop” system for reducing consumption and emissions. The rangetopping high-performance model will have a 175 kW Multiair in Quadrifoglio Verde guise.

South Africans will see the car sometime after mid-year. Engines are likely to be the 126 kW and 175 Multiair.

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