Apprentices create dream VW Golf GTI

  • Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition.
  • Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition - bespoke sound system.
  • Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition - some interior elements are handcrafted.
  • Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition - craftsmanship.
  • Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition - paintwork detail.
  • Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition - wheel detail.
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Volkswagen apprentices from the company’s Wolfsburg headquarters have created a “dream” 279 kW Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Golf, for the 33rd Wörthersee GTI meeting at one of Austria’s popular summer holiday resorts.

Over the past nine months, the four women and eight men used their own ideas to rework a standard Golf GTI Performance1. This unique GTI is fitted with a carbon air box and a hand-welded stainless steel exhaust system with vacuum valve control that allows regulation of engine volume. The car is entirely hand-painted and was sanded and polished several times to ensure a seamless paint finish.

One-off parts include spoilers and claw-type inserts on the front bumper, door sills, and a rear spoiler with additional flaps and a rear diffuser. Wide triple stripes run over the centre of the bonnet, roof and roof edge spoiler. The side stripes fading to the rear are reminiscent of the first-generation Golf GTI.

Interior highlights are Recaro bucket seats at the front and a rear seat bench with black leather upholstery, red stripes over the headrests and inverted side bolsters covered in GTI tartan. The hand-crafted centre console has an integrated, stowable iPhone dock.

The apprentices also put new technologies to use. The charge air pressure display is a one-off part produced using a 3D printer in the research department. Additional instruments (charge air pressure gauge, stopwatch and oil temperature gauge) were integrated into the central console above the infotainment display. The Wolfsburg skyline was also applied to the interior door trims using a special embossing technique, causing the skyline to seem to emerge from the leather.

The car’s high-and sound system has an output of 2 170 W and 11 on-board speakers. The boot houses a monoblock amplifier with integrated LED lighting, a subwoofer and a PlayStation with 24-inch LED-LCD TV.

Source: Volkswagen


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