Around the world in a Mercedes-Benz Unimog 1300 L

  • Desert, Oman: the dunes are child's play for the Unimog 1300 L. Image credit: QuickPic
  • In April 2013 Jennifer and Peter Glas set off on their round-the-world trip in an all-terrain Unimog 1300 L (model series 435). One port of call on their trip so far was Tabriz in Iran, where this photograph was taken. Image credit: QuickPic
  • Beach sunset on the Turkish Black Sea coast. Image credit: QuickPic
  • Taking a break in Kangal, Turkey: with 540 litres of diesel and 180 litres of fresh water on board, the couple are self-sufficient – even far away from any civilisation. Image credit: QuickPic
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For their honeymoon, Jennifer and Peter Glas opted for something out of the ordinary – a round-the-world trip in an all-terrain Mercedes-Benz Unimog 1300 L dating from 1986. Their “mobile home” goes by the name of the “Glaarkshouse” – a combination of the two adventurers’ surnames, Glas and Parks (Jennifer’s maiden name).

With a full tank of diesel (540 litres) and 180 litres of fresh water on board, the Unimog weighs around seven tonnes. Thanks to differential locks and portal axles it nevertheless remains safe and astoundingly light-footed in all situations to this day.

The Unimog’s incomparable reliability, the size of the tanks, the solar power supply and a small sanitary area make the “Glaarkshouse” a genuine round-the-world trip mobile home, which also lends itself to self-sufficient trips over several days in rough terrain far away from any form of infrastructure.

The grand trip began in April 2013, leading through south-eastern Europe and the frequently rough terrain of the Anatolian highlands. After this initial minor test in Turkey, the journey continued on into Iran. The sand dunes in the Dasht-e-Kavier desert posed a somewhat greater challenge, but the 435-series Unimog cruised effortlessly through sand and rock

After spending a number of unforgettable weeks in Persia, the duo finally had a chance to really put their four-wheeled travelling companion through its paces in Oman.

The globetrotters are currently in India and will soon be moving on to Nepal, Tibet, China and Mongolia. No end is in sight as yet on their thrilling adventure. For their exciting stories from along the way, photographs and details of their route, subscribe to their blog at and follow them on Facebook.


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