Assault with battery

Date:21 May 2012 Tags:,

Q I have a 2007 BMW 525i that has about 105 000 km on it. It won’t be long until I need to replace the battery. The dealer says that I should let him do it so he can reset the computer’s charging circuit. He says if I replace it myself, the battery won’t charge properly. Can I do this myself and somehow reset the computer?

A Your BMW, being “ze ultimate driving machine”, actually tracks the battery’s charge and discharge cycles and predicts its usable life. When the car’s computer decides that a battery is up for replacement, the driver gets a warning that can’t be cleared unless a new battery is installed and the car is hooked up to a service tester at the BMW dealer. This registration process records the car’s age and mileage and resets the battery-life monitor. This isn’t to say you can’t simply swop the battery yourself – you absolutely can. However, you need to know that the warning light will never go away and that you’ll
be responsible for tracking when to replace the battery.

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