Audi Connect

Date:21 May 2012 Tags:, , ,

Wi-Fi on the drive
Up to eight users can be connected simultaneously to the world-first wireless hotspot in Audi Connect. Leaving aside for the moment the matter of wedging eight people into a family car, the new Audi system’s ability to navigate using Google Earth imagery and Google Street View adds impressive depth to the conventional sat-nav setup.

Audi Connect will be launched in South Africa with the introduction of the new A4 range and will be offered on several other models. Connection to the Net will be via the car’s UMTS car phone module; the in-car Wi-Fi network will stream data to occupants. Having Google Earth imagery integrated into the navigation system’s map display will, says Audi, make orientation significantly easier. Another benefit: being connected to Google means instant access to a huge number of up-to-date points of interest.

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