Audi TT Rally Sport

Date:24 March 2012 Tags:,

The heart of the new Audi TT RS is a turbocharged five-cylinder that harks back to the very successful racing Audi Quattros of the 1980s. Today’s 2,5-litre version is joined to a sweet-shifting six-speed manual and produces a stomping 270 kW and 465 N.m of torque, plus a raspy exhaust tone. Underneath the subtly muscled sheet metal is a lowered suspension, adjustable magneto-rheological dampers, and a set of very large disc brakes. The power is tremendous. It hits so hard and so effortlessly, even when the tachometer is at just 2 500 r/min. It’s a good thing our car had the suede-like Alcantara seat inserts to keep us from sliding around, because the TT RS is easy to drive aggressively. You can floor it mid-corner and the all-wheel drive pulls you around. Push the S button on the dash and a valve opens in the exhaust, intensifying the engine’s deep moan. In fact, the low-rev exhaust note is so loud, it vibrates the interior trim. Cool. – Ben Stewart


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