• Back to basics

    Date:30 November 2012 Tags:

    The hardest learned lesson in vehicle repair is that the big parts aren’t what slow you down – it’s the little fiddly bits. I’ve been to a hardware store two and three times to get the right nut-and-bolt combo for a hidden electrical connection. Small bolts, circlips and cotter pins reliably break at the exact moment all hardware stores close. Usually, more time is burned running back and forth to the store than in actually making the repair. Save yourself a lot of petrol and get a parts bin like this. It’s easily stored and it holds loads of common nuts and bolts, roll pins, connectors and the like. You can even buy these things prefilled – everything you need but didn’t know you needed. While you’re at it, nab a good thread-and-fastener identification setup like our kit from Parker. For a few bucks you’ll never have to guess grade, bolt size, thread pitch or thread count again. Work smarter, not harder, right?

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