Bentley EXP 9F

Date:21 May 2012 Tags:, , ,

Don’t spare the horses
Bugatti’s much-quoted line about Bentley building the world’s fastest trucks hasn’t stopped echoing since the unveiling of the EXP 9F concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

Translating the Bentley styling DNA into a completely new category was never going to be easy, so the EXP (for experimental) looks unresolved from certain angles, commanding from others. That said, with this concept Bentley has made no secret of its desire to bring an SUV to production. Mechanically, at least, the 450 kW/800 N.m 6,0-litre twin turbocharged W12 engine guarantees the performance you’d expect of a Bentley. Alternative powertrains, including
a hybrid, could be offered.

Bentley says its designers drew inspiration from the “visible engineering” of the company’s racing heyday: the daytime
running light apertures double as engine air inlets and feature a meshcovered turbine fan design and rifled inner surface finish that is echoed in the exhaust outlets. This wouldn’t be a Bentley without the gentleman’s-club ambience typical of the marque. That’s no more evident than in the accommodation appointments: diamond-quilted leather, cooled compartment for champagne and glasses, and a two-piece tailgate that can be either a viewing bench or picnic table for those ultimate tailgate parties. At the polo, of course.

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