• Seven of the best selling cars in history

    Date:12 March 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    Some cars are beautiful and designed to the inspire people to take to the open road, but most are designed to be a practical mode of transport for everyday use.

    The best selling cars throughout history have combined the newest technological improvements in the field with practical and affordable design.

    Here are some of the best selling cars in history:

    Ford Model T


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    The Ford Model T, being the first affordable automobile, was bound to make the list. It began mass production in 1908 in Detroit by the Ford Company. It is no surprise when you make up most of the market but the impressive sells of the Model T kicked off the current trend in car ownership.

    Volkswagen Beetle


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    The “car of the people” might have less than appealing beginnings but has gone through many changes since it was first debuted by Adolf Hitler in 1938. As a symbol of the 60s, this compact family car came in an array of colours and wasn’t too pricey, making it the easy car choice choice from students to mothers.

    Toyota Corolla


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    The Toyota Corolla first debuted in 1966 and has kept up its name as one of the best selling cars in the world. While not the most attractive, no matter how they improve each model, the Corolla provides everything anyone would need from a sedan. They are also known for their sturdiness, not needing too many repairs and with parts easy enough to source.

    Honda Civic


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    If you’re starting to see a trend, then you’ll realise that the world’s best selling cars are those that are dependable. The Honda Civic is another car customers trusted because it was reliable and gave them decent km for their petrol ever since it rolled off the production line in 1972.

    Volkswagen Golf


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    From the original 1974 boxy design to the sleeker modern version, the Golf has been the nippy hatchback of choice, this car was created to be a second option for the Volkswagen client, next to the popular beetle.

    Ford F-Series

    The Ford F-Series was first introduced as the Ford F-150 in 1948. Improved upon since then, this pickup truck has become the leader of the ‘bakkie’, especially in the US.

    Honda Accord

    Much like it’s sibling the Honda Civic, the Honda Accord makes the list as it is a reliable, safe, family and work-friendly car. When it began production in 1989, it was the first car from the Japanese manufacturer to be produced in the US.


    Image: GlennaRick/Twitter

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