Bloodhound LSR beats another speed test

Date:7 November 2019 Tags:

The Bloodhound LSR is now among the top 10 fastest cars in the world after it passed the 500 mph (804 km/h) mark with a top speed of 501 mph (806 km/h).

The run was not without incident though. During the engine shutdown procedure, a fire warning went off in the cockpit and Pilot, Andy Green, called ‘Fire, Fire, Fire’ over the radio and quickly evacuated the cockpit through the hatch. There was in fact no fire but the alert was triggered by the fire wire which was designed to burn and break at 160°C.

“This exercise validated that both the fire detection system and fire response processes the team has set up work successfully,” said the team.

Patches to the damaged bodywork from previous runs on the rear deltas, the aerodynamic panels, held up unscathed during the test.

The team is now preparing for the next challenge, 550 mph, which they aim to hit in the next few days.

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Image: Bloodhound LSR/ Twitter

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