BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe

Date:16 February 2013 Tags:, , ,

Plugging the even-number gap in BMW’s line-up, this svelte coupé looks ahead to the fourth generation of the company’s mid-range 3 Series coupé and convertible.

To differentiate it from the sedan range, the new design gets its own individual character and a stand-alone design, in so doing matching the relationship of the bigger 6 and 8 Series coupés to the company’s more upscale sedans.

The 4 is bigger overall than the existing 3 Series coupé, except for its roofline, which is lower. Although many of the stylistic features are familiar, one that stands out as more striking than most is the massive air intake in the front apron. Flanking this are two additional vent areas intended for brake and oil cooling and for the Air Curtain. This latter feature smooths airflow around the wheels by directing incoming air around the outside of the wheels, with the intention of setting up a drag-reducing flow that clings to the wheel arches.

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