BRP RT-S three-wheeler
Date:31 January 2010 Tags:

Three-wheel motion

Motorcycle touring doesn’t always require two wheels. We hit the roads of Quebec on the latest BRP threewheeler, the RT-S, loaded with about 20 kilograms of luggage and a passenger. Right off the line, it felt less gutsy than the standard model. Encumbered with a passenger, cargo and the RT-S’s touring hardware, the 75 kW V-twin feels noticeably taxed. Yet the riding position is relaxed and comfortable and prolonged time in the saddle yields no discomfort.

While it takes some adjusting for motorcyclists to forget techniques such as countersteering and leaning on a three-wheeler, the RT-S has a slightly steeper learning curve. The added weight and large footprint don’t inspire frisky moves. Still, the air suspension was easily stiffened and softened using a rocker switch, and the controls for the electronic parking brake and heated handgrips were logically placed.

The RT-S isn’t cheap (about R185 000 in the USA). But that three-wheel stability might be worth the price for some long haulers.

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