Bugatti blasts into Geneva with 420 km/h Chiron

  • Bugatti blasts into Geneva with 420 km/h Chiron. Source: Bugatti
  • The Chiron's driver may use one of two keys, allowing for a 380 km/h stop speed or 400 km/h top speed. Source: Bugatti.
  • The Chiron's quad-turbo W18 now makes 1 103 kW and 1 600 N.m of torque. Source: Bugatti.
  • The Chiron uses plenty of carbon fibre, and not just on the outside. Source: Bugatti.
  • The Chiron is longer, wider, taller and heavier than the Veyron. Source: Bugatti.
Date:2 March 2016 Author: Kyle Kock Tags:, ,

The much-anticipated successor to the legendary Bugatti Veyron has been unveiled before its international debut at the Geneva Motor Show later this week. The Chiron is the French firm’s new halo model and aims to be better than its predecessor in about every conceivable way.

Visually, the Chiron’s styling is a simple evolution of the Veyron’s lines, with the familiar C-shape on the profile. The shape has been optimized to further enhance the active aerodynamics and cooling (11 radiators are fed through numerous ducts), while much of the panels you can see have been crafted out of carbon-fibre – the Chiron is as structurally rigid as the LMP1 front-runners of the World Endurance Championship.

Despite the amount of high-tech materials used, the Chiron is 155 kg heavier than the Veyron (for a total of 1 995 kg) as well 82 mm longer, 40 mm wider and 53 mm taller.

The Chiron boasts an enhanced version of the 8,0-litre, quad-turbo W16 unit that did service in the Veyron that now produces 1 103 kW at 6 700 r/min and 1 600 N.m of torque between 2 000 and 6000 r/min. Thanks to its seven-speed dual clutch transmission and all-wheel drive, the Chiron dispatches the zero to 100 km/h sprint in “less” than 2,5 seconds. More impressive is that the Chiron reaches 200 km/h from rest in under 6,5 seconds and 300 km/h in only 13,5 seconds (3 seconds faster than the Veyron).

As for the Chiron’s maximum velocity, there are two settings – just like the Veyron. The active rear wing is set for maximum downforce at 380 km/h, the first setting, and is a little more relaxed for the 420 km/h top whack.

Production of the Chiron at the firm’s Molsheim plant is reportedly limited to 500 units, and Bugatti’s revealed that it’s already received more than 150 orders for it – with deliveries starting in October this year. The asking price? Just north of R40 million…

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