Bugatti’s R4.6M carbon fibre ladened pool table is a sight to behold

Date:6 June 2022 Author: Juandre

Bugatti has long since positioned itself as a firm synonymous with the words elegance and opulence. From within its stables resides some of the most alluring and grandiose vehicles to ever grace the automotive world. 

pool table
Cased in carbon fibre with a CNC machined aluminum skeleton, its legs also feature servomotors capable of actively levelling the pool table. Photos courtesy of Bugatti Newsroom

From the Chiron to the Veyron and even the unbelievable Centodieci, Bugatti’s weight within the automotive world is one not easily matched by the vast majority. Not only has the firm dabbled in the likes of mind-blowing hypercars, but their reach has also gone as far as the fashion world and now makes its way into the realm of pool. Not swimming pools, but pool tables.

pool table
Each pool table will have a plaque with an inscription indicating the unit number. All around the table are little Bugatti emblems either etched or machined in. Photos courtesy of Bugatti Newsroom

Introducing, the handcrafted Bugatti Pool Table designed by IXO. This unique creation is an amalgamation of carbon fibre, billet aluminum, and aniline leather. The ball pockets are crafted from stainless steel and covered with leather inside. The tables surfaced are covered with an Iwan Simonis 860 table cloth, Many of us would be too afraid to play a game of pool on this table considering all the expensive and exclusive materials that were used…

pool table
The area where all the balls are kept utilises a Keyence IV-500CA artificial vision camera that selects the balls based on things such as colour. Another classic Bugatti emblem can be found expertly inserted here. Photos courtesy of Bugatti Newsroom

Similarly to the exclusivity of the firm’s hypercars, only 30 examples of this pool table will be made. Underneath its lavish exterior is a high-quality, polished aluminum frame that has been completely CNC machined when seen on its own revealing the detailed inner workings. The pool cues are made out of carbon fibre, with the bottoms being anodized inc machined aluminum appearing to have the same design as the buttons found in the Bugatti cars.

pool table
The Siemens control panel allows for seamless control of the LED lights and other functions on the pool table. Photos courtesy of Bugatti Newsroom

Bugatti hasn’t just created a pool table, the accompanying “accessories” are similarly crafted. Included with the pool table is a Siemens Simatic S7-1200 PLC outfitted with a 13-inch touchscreen. It acts as a control panel that allows for enhanced control of the pool table, as well as a pool cue storage device.

pool table
The adjustable LED strip which is overhead the table consisting of a skirting comprised of 30mm thick slate with markers appearing to indication ball position. Photos courtesy of Bugatti Newsroom

It is finished in the same materials as the pool table and is customisable. Alongside these is a 74-inch LED light strip sporting the Bugatti emblem. The pool table and light fixture are controlled by the Siemens control panel.

pool table
Carbon fibre cues with end resembling the buttons found in the firms cars. Photos courtesy of Bugatti Newsroom

This extraordinary creation will be available at the end of 2022. Bugatti promises that it will deliver the table to your house, as well as have technicians complete the installation and provide a tutorial on how to operate this magnificent centrepiece.


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