Cars at Kalahari Desert Speedweek

  • 1970 Volvo Amazon
  • 'DCEASD'
Date:27 September 2013 Tags:, , ,

Photo feature by Sarah Adams

Earlier this month, Popular Mechanics went on a  journey into the desolate Kalahari Desert. But once there we found more than tumble weeds and sand, we found the Kalahari Desert SpeedWeek. A stew of sports cars, American muscle cars, hotrods and pick-ups graced the event with their 4-wheeled presence. Any vehicle is given the opportunity to take a turn down the 7 km clay track that’s specially prepared for this purpose, whether it’s a 1000 cc superbike or your mom’s station wagon. We took a few photo’s of the one’s that caught our eye.

See some of the aircraft and motocycles that were present at the event, too.

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