Charging into Spring

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SA’s first electric vehicle road trip aims to launch charging stations across the country. The initiative hopes to inspire South African’s to embrace electric transportation.

Spring has sprung and after a long winter cooped up indoors, nothing quite beats a deep breath of carbon dioxide? From over population to pollution and global warming, the fact that our planet is struggling is not news. One method of combatting excess carbon dioxide emissions was the introduction of electric vehicles. This year, South Africa’s first electric vehicle road trip aims at launching charging stations across the country.

The global uptake of electric vehicles has seen rapid growth over the past ten years, with electric passenger cars passing the five million mark in 2018, up by 63% from the previous year. In line with this growth, the number of charging points worldwide was estimated to be approximately 5.2 million at the end of 2018, up 44% from 2017. However, South Africa was one of the markets that reported a drop in electric vehicle sales between 2017 and 2018.

Ben Pullen, CEO of Generation.e, proposed the growth and expansion of infrastructure to support electronic vehicles as a viable solution to the decline, especially with an expected spike in users next year. To illustrate this point, he refers to the Electric Vehicles 2019 Market Intelligence report by GreenCape. The report states that placing charging stations in locations that are easily accessible to commuters is vital to the adoption and growth of the electronic vehicle market. “The reports goes on to say that in South Africa, the network currently consists of 120 publicly accessible charging stations, which are mainly found in the Gauteng province.”

Pullen is passionate about the cause, emphasising the benefits that the switch to electronic vehicles could provide; “This includes minimising air pollution and carbon emissions, reducing fuel and vehicle maintenance costs for end users whilst promoting a national shift towards smarter mobility and a greener economy.” It is for these reasons that the first electric vehicle road trip is being brought to South Africa. “Generation.e will be rolling out EV charging stations powered by ACDC Dynamics, effectively creating a charging network to support the EVRT Africa initiative,” says Pullen.

It is hoped that this network will lay the foundation for mass expansion across the country to support smarter mobility. Organizers and sponsors are striving to inspire South African’s to embrace technology in a conscious, sustainable way. In ensuring the success of the vision, ACDC Dynamics plans on making electric charging accessible and affordable to all. CEO of ACDC Dynamics, Mario Maio, envisions the future of electric vehicle charging becoming positioned to create opportunities for local, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Pullen says, charging stations will be launched at approximately eight locations along the route of the event. These will include the Travel Inn at Shell Ultra City, Kroonstad, de Stijl Gariep Hotel, Gariep Dam, Wolwefontein Hotel, Wolwefontein, and The Vineyard, Newlands, Cape Town.

The initiative aims to inspire South African’s to embrace electric transportation with hopes to kick start the continued roll-out of charging stations countrywide.

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