Chevrolet Trailblazer

Date:23 April 2012 Tags:, ,

Making tracks
Expect to see GM’s Trailblazer sport-utility in South Africa before year-end. Prices and model line-up are not yet available, but GM has confirmed the 2012 launch date.

GM South Africa refers to the Trailblazer as a large SUV, though strictly speaking it falls into the midsize class. Previewed at the Dubai Motor Show last year and built in Thailand, the Trailblazer shares its architecture with the Chevrolet Colorado pick-up developed by GM of Brazil. It’s aimed primarily at the Middle East and similar regions. According to GM, the third row of the rugged 7-seat SUV is “an authentic third row where people can sit comfortably for long trips”.

The show vehicle featured an all-wheel-drive system powered by GM’s new 2,8-litre turbodiesel engine with variable-geometry turbocharger.

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