Daihatsu’s Nori Ori: the perfect solution for disabled passengers

  • A view of the Nori Ori from the front. Image credit: Daihatsu Motor Co.
  • The Nori Ori's wide doors slide apart for ultimate convenience. Image credit: Daihatsu Motor Co.
  • A rear view of the Nori Ori, showing off the vehicle's large rear lights and semi-hidden wheel arches. Image credit: Daihatsu Motor Co.
  • The Nori Ori's electric slope slides out after the vehicle lowers its suspension. Image credit: Daihatsu Motor Co.
  • The dashboard design is simple, yet functional. Image credit: Daihatsu Motor Co.
  • The Nori Ori is a multi-functional vehicle, that can be easily adjusted to the owner's needs. Image credit: Daihatsu Motor Co.
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Looking like a San Francisco cable car, Daihatsu’s Nori Ori concept is an ultra-low multi-use commuter that aims to make getting into a vehicle easier.

Revealed this week at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, the Nori Ori is designed with enough space to carry two unfolded wheelchairs. All the seats in the car can be folded away as needed and the doors open widely, revealing a ramp on both the left and rear for ease of access. The rear ramp locks onto the wheelchair, to ensure it does not shift while the ramp retracts.

While little has been revealed about the Nori Ori, it seems as if the vehicle’s body size is close to that of a Volkswagen Caddy, albeit at a much lower ride height. The low ground clearance can presumably be to aid the ramp ejection.

The vehicles’ styling is simple and seems to be aimed at function more than flair. On either side above the rear passenger seats are storage compartments which look similar to the overhead storage on an aeroplane. There’s a bracket mounted against the back door for storing umbrellas or other narrow objects and the floor and rear section of the dashboard are covered in a material that resembles laminate flooring. The buttons inside and outside the Nori Ori are large, and volume and cellphone controls on the steering wheel look easy to access.

Even though Daihatsu is no longer selling vehicles in the South African market, the Nori Ori (which means “getting in and out” according to the marketers) is an interesting take on multifunctional vehicles.

Watch the video above to see the Nori Ori in action.

Images and video credit: Daihatsu Motor Co.

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