Durban police get tech upgrade

Date:31 October 2019 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, , , ,

Durban police force is getting kitted up with new hi-tech, crime-fighting vehicles backed by Microsoft. The vehicles were presented on Tuesday during the annual Govtech conference in Durban.

The new police vehicles, which are modified Volkswagen Golf 7’s, will be fitted with high-resolution, automatic number-plate recognition cameras that are capable of scanning number plates during high speed chases, providing law enforcement with vital information like the owner’s identity, unpaid fines or outstanding warrants.

The new vehicles also make use of dashboard cameras that keep a record of events happening outside the car. That footage is then downloaded to a cloud storage site via the cars built-in WiFi system.

While speaking at the Govtech conference, eThekwini metro Police spokesperson Parboo Sewpersad said, “these cars will be deployed to areas, identified by the city, to tackle crime and grime in the city itself.”

Along with upgraded police vehicles, the police force itself will receive a few upgrades. According to Sewpersad, police officers will be fitted with tasers and body cameras, similar to the technology used by US police officers.

“Body cameras will be used as – but not limited to – a safety measure to protect our men and women in blue during operations,” a police spokesperson told BusinessTech.

Sewpersad said that the first of these news vehicles will be put into use at the start of the 2019 holiday season.

Image: Twitter/ @Siphumelele Zondi


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