European electric scooters now available in South Africa

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SilenceTM – Europe’s premium, high-performance electric scooter – is now available in South Africa via the brand’s exclusively-appointed distributor in the local market, Silence (South Africa).

Two models are available – the Silence SO2 business-focused model with a wide range of applications ranging from the public services sector to business-specific applications, including the delivery industry, and the Silence SO1 commuter model for personal use. Although mainly used within a business context, the SO2 model can also do duty as a lower-priced commuting scooter.

These high-end, cost-effective electric delivery scooters meet the demanding requirements of businesses doing multi-drop deliveries in the urban environment. It also offers vast financial and other benefits only available to those who invest in electric transport. These include, amongst others, improved business performance and service delivery, cost savings and enhanced financial achievement, reduced impact during day-to-day delivery activities, and becoming part of the global initiative to ensure environmental sustainability.

A unique feature of Silence electric scooters is its proprietary battery technology. Its removable, trolley-style batteries retain 97% of their capacity after being used for 150 000 km! Different to most other electric vehicle batteries, this feature eliminates the need for costly battery replacement during the lifecycle of the Silence electric scooter.

Silence (South Africa) is in a unique position as far as the local electric scooter market goes. It is the first in the market with a proven product from a reputable and globally recognised European manufacturer of electric scooters – SilenceTM, with its headquarters and development and manufacturing facilities in Barcelona, Spain, and with an extensive sales network throughout Spain, and further afield into Europe, the UK, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. This, together with the backing it receives from the manufacturer, gives the company a head start as far as its business operation and service to the market go.

Silence (South Africa) is closely tied to other players in the green industry, and able to connect startups and businesses wanting to expand into the field of green transportation with appropriate financial services providers. It also offers support to small business and individual entrepreneurs who want to enter the electric scooter market in South Africa, and help them build capacity in doing so.

Picture: Silence SA

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