Netherlands to sell only electric vehicles from 2025

Pictured above is a Tesla Model 3.
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Date:4 April 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , , ,

The Netherlands might soon become the first country where the sale of diesel and petrol cars is prohibited, after the lower house of the Dutch parliament voted on behalf of zero-emission vehicles. The motion was brought forward by the country’s Labour Party, and it hopes to disallow the entry of petrol and diesel vehicles into the market from 2025.

But some parliamentarians feel this motion is too ambitious, as EVs will allegedly only account for 15% of the country’s vehicles in the next 10 years, even though zero-emission vehicles account for 10% of the vehicles in the country.

Recently some European countries including The Netherlands, and a handful of American states have started looking deadlines for total EV adoption, and formed the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Alliance. The Alliance aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, by assisting governments with setting achievable targets. Countries that already form part of the ZEV Alliance include Germany, Norway and the UK, and the American states Connecticut, New York, Oregon and Vermont, amongst some others.

The Netherlands’ electric vehicle sales reached a reported all-time high in December 2015, when 22% of total vehicle sales were exclusively for EVs. This news comes right before owner of electric vehicle company Tesla-motors, Elon Musk, Tweeted that more than 276 000 Model 3’s had been preordered by Saturday 02 April, giving more of a glimpse into the surge of EV popularity.

Source: Netherlands Times

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