FAW V2 – JIMS 2013

Date:18 October 2013 Tags:, ,

FAW has made more of an impact here to date in the LCV market, but the unveiling of the Chinese company’s V2 subcompact hatchback raised eyebrows. It’s no beauty, but what got people walking was the price: as near as dammit to R100 000.

And no, this is no stripped-down econobox. The V2 is equipped to levels that you’d expect in cars costing up to R30 000 more.

The list includes dual airbags, ABS braking, air-conditioning, a radio-CD player with MP3 capability, power windows all round, power wing mirrors and central locking. With a 67 kW 1,3 Four under the bonnet, the V2 should be well up to lugging the four to  five occupants it’s said to be capable of swallowing. Plus, bonus points for the 320-litre boot.

While on the subject of bonus points, it’s worth noting that FAW’s brand new Port Elizabeth plant will begin commercial vehicle production next year and passenger vehicles the year after.

Two soon-to-be launched vehicles also on display were the V80 minibus and Mazda6-based X80 sport-utility.

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