Goodyear Biolsoprene concept tyre

The world"â„¢s first Goodyear concept demonstration tyre made with BioIsoprene technology.
Date:31 March 2010 Tags:

Planet-friendly rolling

The world’s first Goodyear concept demonstration tyres made with BioIsoprene technology made their debut at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. BioIsoprene is a breakthrough alternative to replace a petrochemically produced ingredient in the manufacture of synthetic rubber with renewable biomass.

BioIsoprene is derived from renewable raw materials and represents a significant development within the biochemical and rubber industries. Aside from synthetic rubber for tyre production, traditional isoprene is used for the production of a wide range of products, such as surgical gloves, golf balls and adhesives. Thus, the potential for BioIsoprene product is substantial. Commercial availability is planned for 2013.

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