Goodyear’s tyres of tomorrow at Geneva Motor Show

  • Goodyear's tyres of tomorrow at Geneva Motor Show. Source: Goodyear.
  • The Eagle-360 will be able to measure tread depth and wear, road and tyre temperatures and send other surface data to vehicle ECUs. Source: Goodyear
  • The Eagle-360 is 3D-printed and uses biomimicry for optimal performance. Source: Goodyear.
  • The Intelligrip uses a microchip to assist electronic control systems in autonomous vehicles. Source: Goodyear.
Date:3 March 2016 Author: Kyle Kock Tags:, , , ,

Having gleaned knowledge from long years of motorsport participation, namely in Formula One and Nascar, Goodyear is pioneering the next two generations of tyre with the Intelligrip Concept and Eagle-360 Concept.

The concepts form part of Goodyear’s efforts to cater for semi- and fully autonomous vehicles – the cars of tomorrow that will be integrated with infrastructure and the rest of modern society.

Intelligrip around the corner

According to the J.D. Power 2015 US Tech Choice Study, consumers deemed collision protection technology the most important aspect of the changing automotive industry. Goodyear believes that the Intelligrip, with its advanced sensor technology that uses a microchip developed by telematics, locking and tyre pressure monitoring specialists Huf to relay information about the road and tyre conditions back to the vehicle’s ECU for optimum autonomous control.

The technology used in the Intelligrip tyre means that manufacturers would do well to use it to their advantage – and supplement the ABS units, electronic stability control systems and adaptive suspension already in production.

Eagle-360 – a vision of the future

After making tyres for 117 years, Goodyear plans to reinvent the wheel. Literally. The Eagle-360 concept tyre looks nothing like the tyres that have been around since the horseless carriage first pulled out of a garage – that’s because it’s a sphere.

The Eagle-360 is connected to a vehicle’s body through magnetic levitation – which greatly increases ride comfort and keeps cabin noise to a minimum.

The main advantages of the spherical Eagle-360 are that it could deliver unprecedented manoeuvrability thanks to multiple orientation that allows the tyre to move in any direction. Active technology through the use of autonomous systems will also minimize sliding in hazardous situations, and overtaking slower moving vehicles will be realized without changing the driving direction. Another benefit is that because 360 degree turns are possible, there’ll be less space required to park a vehicle.

The 3D-printed Eagle-360’s design is strongly influenced by Biomimicry, using multidirectional blocks, thread and groove that act as a natural sponge to soften the contact patch when wet to adjust performance to adverse driving conditions, and hardens to improve performance in optimal dry environment driving.

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