Harley-Davidson Seventy-Two

Harley-Davidson Sevent-Two
Date:1 June 2012 Tags:,

All chopped up

Despite its discreetly hidden fuel injectors, Harley-Davidson’s Seventy-Two is still a defiantly anachronistic motorcycle. Using the decades-old Sportster platform with a 1,2-litre V-twin, the Seventy-Two evokes ornate styling elements from ’60s-era choppers: a front fork raked to 30,1 degrees, towering 25 cm mini-ape handlebars mounted on a 5 cm riser and chopped fenders. Plenty of aftermarket accessories are available, including a sprung solo seat and a sleeker drag-style handlebar.

This air-cooled cruiser doesn’t reinvent much of anything, but it certainly captures the imagination of chopper lovers who pine for the past – and is available at a reasonable price. Considering its lazy suspension geometry and intentionally unmodern mechanics, the Seventy-Two feels bicycle-thin and handles reasonably well. Our time spent cruising industrial back roads seemed especially well suited to the Seventy-Two; with its snappy bark and mellow vibe, the Seventy-Two charmed us into taking it easy. – Basem Wasef

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