How to properly store your car during lockdown

Date:1 April 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, ,

South Africa has gone into lockdown and while it is possible to take a quick drive to the stores, for most of us, our cars are sitting in the driveway collecting dust.

Here are some key ways you can help your car stay in working order, so it’s ready to go when lockdown ends.

Give it a clean

You probably have some time on your hands now, even if it’s over the weekend, so why not give your car a good once-over. Take the bucket, sponge and vacuum and really get out all the dirt that’s been collecting. You’ll appreciate it when you hop back in for your first drive post-lockdown.

Disconnect the battery

If you’re not driving your car at all during this time, it might be best to remove or disconnect the battery. Make sure you’re wearing protective eye-wear and gloves. Disconnect the negative terminal first then the positive terminal. Never touch the two together.

Try park undercover

It may not be possible if you don’t have a garage but your car will be a bit safer from falling objects or theft. If this isn’t possible and you can still access one use or buy a car cover.

Fill up the tank

To avoid rusting in the fuel tank, fill it up even though you aren’t driving it. This will keep moisture in the tank and means you will be ready to go when you’re allowed out.

Cover outlets

Try cover the outlets and intakes with a cloth, this will help prevent anything crawling into these crevices. But remember to take them out before you drive!

Properly inflate tyres

Cars that have been sitting for a long time can develop flat spots on the tyres. Short of jacking up your car to keep it off the ground, you can try avoid these by making sure they are properly inflated before storage.

Change your oil

Put in fresh oil before storing, this ensures there are no corrosive elements sitting in the oil while your car waits for you to get back to driving.

Get a check-up

When you get back on the road, it might be wise to take your car for a once over, if you have any worries. This will just give you peace of mind and make driving that much more enjoyable.

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