Hyundai unveils an AI powered vehicles aimed at children

Date:17 December 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Hyundai Motor Company recently unveiled details of its one-of-a-kind mini EV based on the ‘45’ concept car. In a short film on YouTube, the company showed how the mini EV uses Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) technology to support young patients at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital in Spain.

EAVC is an artificial intelligence-based technology that optimises vehicle environment based on information from both inside and outside the vehicle. The EAVC technology is able to monitor a child’s facial expressions, heart rate and respiratory rate, and combines these readings with input from the vehicle including speed, acceleration, noise and vibration to ensure the child remains as calm as possible while being transported to a treatment room.

The mini EV is able to interact with its young ‘driver’ through five key technologies: Facial Emotion Recognition System, Breathing Exercise Belt, Heart Rate Monitoring Sensor, Emotion Adaptive Lighting, and Emotion Adaptive Scent Dispenser.

The Facial Emotion Recognition System uses a camera in front of the seat to identify the child’s emotions in real-time. The Breathing Exercise Belt wraps around the body and its air pockets apply gentle pressure to help relieve anxiety and enable more stable breathing, while the accelerometer, the Heart Rate Monitoring Sensor, measures the heart rate and breathing rate.

The Emotion Adaptive Scent Dispenser sprays fragrance timed with breathing to help put a smile on the faces of the young patients. The vehicle even blows bubbles to celebrate the child’s progress toward treatment.

According to Jinmo Lee, Senior Research Engineer at Hyundai, “We want our technology to help improve the lives of our customers in various mobility spaces beyond the roads.”

“We hope the EAVC technology on the minicar will provide a fun, safe mobility experience for young patients and help improve their health outcomes,” Lee added.

Hyundai donated this one-of-a-kind EV to SJD hospital in Barcelona where it will be used to support the mobility of young patients from hospital bed to treatment room, which is considered one of the most stressful trips for the children.

Take a look at how the mini EV interacts with young patients below:


Picture: Hyundai Media Centre



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