Jack Daniels car: bruiser in black

Ford Mustang GT
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Date:21 July 2011 Author: Anthony Doman Tags:, ,

Traction control and w-i-d-e 20-inch low-profile rubber sometimes aren't enough to keep  drive wheels planted firmly on the tar.  A quick blast up the road (well, a little further than that) in the Jack Daniel's Ford Mustang GT showed that the physics involved is indeed fairly elementary: a shedload of torque + sharp turn + road ripples = very big eyes indeed.

The Mustang – converted to rhd in Durban and said to be worth around R1 million – hauls like crazy, even in the higher gears. The combination of big, rumbling V8 and howling supercharger can certainly become addictive.

Worth the ride for the view out over that characteristic bonnet power bulge alone, our short trip at the wheel was part of as promotional road trip: the car is up for grabs in a competition that runs until September. The winner is in for a treat…

Check out some more pics of the Jack Daniel's Ford Mustang GT on PM's Facebook page

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