Justin Bieber banned from future Ferrari purchases

Date:21 May 2022 Author: Juandre

It may sound daft to ban someone from buying and using a product, things are slightly different when it comes to high end cars. Popstar Justin Bieber has become the latest celebrity to be banned from purchasing a model in the Prancing Horse lineup after violating a modification law.

Ferrari isn’t the first manufacturer to ban individuals from purchasing their products nor will they be the last. The Italian firm takes their public image of prestige and style seriously and has strict restrictions and ethical codes their select few customers need to adhere to. One of these includes unauthorised modifications using components that haven’t been accredited or selling it within a year of ownership, unless the brand has been prior consulted. 

According to Italian newspaper Il Giornale, popstar Justin Bieber reportedly had West Coast Customs finish his white Ferrari 458 Italia in an Electric Blue paint job while a Liberty Walk widebody kit sits on all four wheels. In addition to this, the colour of the Ferrari emblem on the steering wheel was also changed to match the new exterior colour. This is one of two Prancing Horses in the Canadian singer’s garage, among a list of many other luxury and performance based automakers.

In addition to the contravention of Ferrari’s code of ethics, the 28-year old also resold it at auction in 2017, which was within a prohibited period of time after his purchase. This law seeks to prevent celebrities or famed owners of these models from flipping their car for a quick-buck purely because they are included in the previous-owners list. 

It is too late now to say sorry as Bieber now joins the infamous group of celebrities who can no longer buy a creation from the Maranallo based outfit. Others include Floyd Mayweather, Nicolas Cage, 50 Cent and Kim Kardashian – all of whom contravened Ferrari’s code of ethics in their own manner. 

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