Keep your car car free of dog-dirt

Date:21 September 2013 Tags:,

I have a dog, a big slobbery one, and although I love taking him with me on car rides, cleaning up the hair on the seats and slobber on the windows afterward almost makes me want to leave him at home. How can I lessen his mess?

Dogs are great company on rides around town; however, they routinely lack the manners to clean up after themselves. I have a few suggestions to reduce the mess, although I doubt anything will eliminate it completely.

The first is to have a dedicated blanket to drape over the dog’s seat (we recommend the back bench – in accidents an airbag can cause serious pooch injuries). A cheap felt blanket is probably best because it’s a magnet for hair. Label the “dogward” side with a paint pen so you can lay it hair side up and shake it out after you get home. Even with this in place, stray hair makes its way to the floor and into cracks. A lint roller can pick up small amounts quickly, but if the fur gets out of hand, resort to a vacuum with a few hose attachments to make the inside livable again.

As to the drooled-on windows, put a layer of plastic wrap on the inside of the glass before each outing. Racing drivers use tear-off plastic sheets on the visors of their helmets that they yank away as they get dirty, leaving a clear view. Slobbered-up plastic wrap peels off the same way and leaves crystal-clear windows that won’t need to be scrubbed down.

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