Lexus LF-CC concept

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So stunning-looking is Lexus’ sporty concept that you might be forgiven for not noticing that it is driven by a punchy yet planet-friendly new powertrain that is slated for production use. The full hybrid powertrain delivers, says Lexus, “engaging performance appropriate to a sporting, D-segment coupé”. At the same time it is aimed at producing below 100 g/km of CO2. (This has given Lexus the opportunity to come up with a parameter not exactly in common use: hp per gram of CO2. For the record, the LF-CC produces 2 hp/g.)

The powertrain comprises an all-new 2,5 litre direct injection four-cylinder petrol engine running on the Atkinson cycle matched with a water-cooled electric motor.

The LF-CC takes design cues from the LF-LC hybrid 2+2 sports coupé featured at the 2012 Detroit Show, though the newer car is smaller. We can expect a premium mid-sized coupé in production in the near future, Lexus says.

The LF-CC’s tech includes a unique, 3 LED-projector headlight design housed in the narrow gap between the lower and upper fender surfaces, without a conventional, one-piece cover. Independent daytime running lights are integrated into the upper bumper. Like Detroit’s LF-LC and the LFA sports car, the Paris car uses airflow regulating fins to control airflow from underneath the side of the car, upwards through the rear wheel arch, to increase downforce over the driven wheels.

On the inside, the LF-CC further develops Lexus’ HMI (Human Machine Interface) design philosophy. Here’s how the designers see things: the dashboard is divided into an upper, Display Zone, with a multi-display screen located at an ideal distance for at-a-glance viewing; and a lower, Operation Zone, which allows access to the uniquely designed shift lever and an innovative touch tracer display for remote system control.

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