Lyft intends on bringing driverless vehicles to multiple cities by 2023

Date:17 December 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Over recent months there have been a number of examples of completely driverless cars being tested on public roads. At the beginning of December, AutoX was granted permission to put a fleet of autonomous driverless taxis on the streets of Shenzhen in China.

After completing more than 100,000 self-driving rides on the street of Las Vegas over the last few years, Lyft has revealed its plans to bring fully driverless vehicles to a number of cities across the US by 2023. The initiative will be made possible through Motional, a joint venture between Hyundai and Aptiv, who Lyft has partnered with for the project.

Motional and Lyft will work closely together to bring a fleet of autonomous vehicles to a number of cities across the US without any safety drivers in the cars. All previous tests were conducted with a safety driver at the wheel, ready to take over in an emergency.

According to Karl Lagnemma, President and CEO, Motional, “This agreement is a testament to our global leadership in driverless technology. We’re at the frontier of transportation innovation, moving robotaxis from research to road.”

“Our aim is to not only build safe, reliable, and accessible driverless vehicles, but to deliver them at significant scale.  We’re partnering with Lyft to do exactly that,” Lagnemma added.

It remains unclear what cities will be the first to receive the driverless vehicles first, but the two companies plan of having them on the road by 2023. Although if they hope to achieve this goal they will need to receive approval from regulators in each region before doing so, which can be a task in itself.


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