Mazda3 and Mazda6 – JIMS 2013

  • Image credit: Sean Woods
  • Image credit: Sean Woods
Date:20 October 2013 Tags:, , ,

Now striking out on its own and no longer directly linked with Ford, Mazda displayed its striking new 3 and 6. Having driven the new 3, our US colleague Michael Austin is impressed by the car’s high-tech features, but reckons that what really matters is that even the cheapest 3 makes us wish all cars were this fun to drive. Hit a bump while screaming around a corner and the car stays settled, he says. And if you need to make a correction, the steering is incredibly precise and accurate. Even the automatic transmission gets with the programme, holding gears through bends and downshifting during braking. If you’re looking for a big back seat, the back of the Mazda3 might be too cramped for you. But, otherwise, there’s a lot to love about this car.


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