McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C
Date:1 January 2011 Tags:,

Daytona Automotive Group, importers of among others Aston Martin, launched the new McLaren supercar in Cape Town’s Waterfront Film Studios last month. Sadly for many of the salivating enthusiasts around, the only motion involved was the motion picture industry: we had to make do with a static display of the car. At a projected price of between R3 million and R3,5 million, the distributor’s reticence was perhaps understandable.

Besides the actual car itself, there was what amounted to a running chassis sans bodywork. That gave a good view of some of the car’s under-the-skin tech, notably the interconnected suspension/steering hydraulics, which give the desired adaptive damping without the penalty of a dedicated pump. The mid-mounted twin-turbo installation fits as neatly as you like, with little in the way of extraneous piping or to mar the purposeful effect: this car is designed to create an impression, even unclothed. The body itself is, of course, designed to do more than just add slinky good looks. Cooling, for instance: air is channelled through two vast inlets on either side to the radiators, but in addition to that, two separate ducts direct a blast of air through the engine bay itself to provide extra cooling. Right at the rear, the airstream is used to power the air brake, which in conjunction with the diffuser applies huge downforce to aid braking. Under heavy braking, the airbrake/diffuser combo creates a wake effect that actually speeds up airflow under the car to suck air out and increase downforce. Something for nothing, in effect.

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