Mercedes-Benz concept B-Class Electric Drive

Date:23 November 2012 Tags:,

There’s a significant point made in the naming of Merc’s new battery-powered concept B-Class presented at Paris in September. It is one of the first models to incorporate the term “Electric Drive” into its model designation. Merc says that, in future, all of its similarly powered cars will bear “Electric Drive” badging.

A 100 kW electric motor developing 310 N.m of torque gives the B-Class Electric enough energy for up to 200 kilometres using what Mercedes describes as attractive driving dynamics. Recharging can be done at either a standard domestic 230 V power outlet or at a 400 V rapid-charge terminal.

Interestingly, the Energy Space in the B-class floor, in front of the rear axle, ensures that the concept vehicle suffers no space limitations compared with normal production models. The Energy Space provides a secure home for the car’s lithium-ion battery. Its low-down location also benefits the car’s centre of gravity.

The car is due to go on sale in 2014.

Electric models of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé and the smart Brabus were also introduced at Paris.

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