Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Diamond

It's all bling in the Mercedes-Benz Diamond
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There might be entirely practical reasons for desiring a chauffeur-driven luxury van (being confined to a wheelchair, for example). Our guess: size matters. Or, of course, you happen to be the A-Team.

This concept from Merc separates the chauffeur from the passenger compartments and features “extravagant appointments down to the last detail”. These appointments include sound and light control by iPad or iPhone.

Unashamedly non-discreet, this limovan sports gold accents on the body and wheels and a diamond motif. An innovative multimedia unit allows passengers to choose between a business setting or a comfortable ambience for relaxing. Windows are equipped with the Magic Sky Control system, which uses an electric current acting on a liquid in the window glass to darken or lighten them to alter interior lighting, something like an LCD effect.

Forget cupholders: the Diamond has champagne glass holders for its silver bubbly flutes, as well as an automatic champagne bottle cooling unit (five bottle holders are built into the side panelling). Eight diamonds embedded in the interior trim refer to the lucky Chinese number eight.

Additional equipment features include the Bang & Olufsen “BeoLiving Viano” high-end sound system, which can be operated via Apple’s ubiquitous tablet and phone. A special app was developed exclusively for this control feature; the devices are secured in a docking station in the centre console. The powered retractable video screen can be used for TV, videos or surfing the Net and videoconferencing.

Sadly for local plutocrats, the lefthand-drive-only Diamond will not be available here.


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