Mercedes-Benz Vito carries more than just the load

  • Mercedes-Benz Vito carries more than just the load Source: Mercedes-Benz
  • The base model Vitos make use of a 1,6-litre turbodiesel engine and front-wheel drive. Source: Mercedes-Benz
Date:16 September 2015 Author: Kyle Kock Tags:, , , , , ,

Mercedes-Benz. aiming to take a significant chunk of the mid-size van market with its new Vito, is leaning heavily on the new vehicle’s sheer utility room (up to 1 344 kg of cargo capacity), cabin quality and choice of front- or rear-wheel drive.

With an impressively low drag coefficient of 0,32, the Vito is likely to be fuel-efficient, too.

Catering to the needs of families as well as small business owners, the new Vito comes in four specification levels: the base Panel Van, mid-range Mixto and range topping Tourer Pro and Tourer Select. The Mixto offers a combination of panel van characteristics and people-moving ability, while the Tourer models are best suited for passenger transportation.The entire range benefits from a revised cockpit layout, said to be uncluttered and more spacious than before.

The big news is that the Vito range now makes use of front-wheel drive in the lower-specification 111 CDI models, powered by an 88 kW transversely mounted 1,6-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel engine. Mercedes-Benz’s motivation: the potential for superior traction when carrying a light load – or unladen – and low running costs associated with payloads under medium gross vehicle mass.

The rest of the range uses the traditional rear-wheel drive layout, well suited to where towing and higher gross vehicle weights are required. That’s also where the 2,2-litre turbodiesel motor, available in three power specifications, comes in handy. Outputs on offer are 114 CDI (100 kW), 116 CDI (120 kW) and 119 BlueTec (140 kW). A six-speed manual gearbox comes standard on all models; the 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission is optional on the Vito 114 and 116 CDI, and standard on the 119 CDI.

Service plans have been upgraded on the Mixto and Tourer models from 5 years/90 000 km to 5 years/120 000 km.


111 CDI Panel Van – R 372 780

114 CDI Panel Van – R 409 830

116 CDI Panel Van – R 443 460

111 CDI Mixto – R 443 460

116 CDI Mixto – R 556 320

111 CDI Tourer Pro – R 516 272

114 CDI Tourer Pro – R 540 314

116 CDI Tourer Pro – R 572 348

116 CDI Tourer Select – R 676 088

119 CDI Tourer Select – R 744 386


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