Most powerful Range Rover yet lands in SA

Date:8 July 2015 Tags:, ,

The most powerful and luxurious Range Rover model yet, the Range Rover SVAutobiography, headlines the upgraded 2016 line-up for South Africa.

The SVAutobiography replaces the Range Rover Autobiography Black as the flagship model of the series.

Upgrades for 2016 include ergonomic improvements and automated features requested by customers.

Available in standard and long wheelbase derivatives, the 2016 SVAutobiography also offers, for the first time on Range Rover, duo-tone body paint.

New to Range Rover for 2016 Model Year, the SVAutobiography offers the option of a sliding loadspace floor. Made from beautifully crafted aluminium and a choice of veneer options, the floor extends rearwards to optimise practicality and ease of use for loading and unloading. For those customers who enjoy the versatility of Range Rover’s split tailgate, SVO has developed ‘Event Seating.’ Stowed in the luggage compartment, these can be quickly and easily deployed to provide comfortable seating for two adults on the lower tailgate section. They’re hand crafted from  Windsor leather with a durable aluminium frame.

The all-aluminium 5,0-litre V8 supercharged engine, used to power the high-performance Range Rover Sport SVR, has been re-tuned for the SVAutobiography. The potent engine produces 405 kW and 680 N.m of torque. That’s an increase of 30 kW and 55 N, compared with existing V8 supercharged Range Rover derivatives.

SVAutobiography customers can also opt for Land Rover’s powerful and torquey 4,4-litre SDV8 turbocharged V8 diesel engine, producing 250 kW and 740 N.m.

Additional convenience features include a new, improved Surround Camera System that utilises a high-resolution camera for crisper graphics and enhanced clarity. This also introduces Rear Junction View, which uses the Surround Camera System to significantly improve rearward visibility when reversing out of parking spots. The rear camera has an integrated washer jet.

The new Gesture Tailgate provides hands-free access to the luggage area. Sensors in the rear bumper use foot gestures to open the rear tailgate, from either side of the vehicle. Further automation includes Automatic Access Height. While previously controlled manually, the new system automatically lowers the vehicle once parked. Depending on conditions, the system will lower the vehicle by as much as 50 mm, for improved entry, exit, and even loading items in the rear.


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