New Batmobile debuts before March film release

  • New Batmobile debuts before March film release. Credit: Warner Brothers
  • The Batmobile's cockpit boasts the usual list of weaponry and aesthetic, including a missile launch pad and F1-inspired steering wheel. Credit: Warner Brothers
Date:8 September 2015 Author: Kyle Kock Tags:, , ,

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Hollywood has welcomed a new attraction, if only for a brief period, as the film company builds hype for the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film by offering fans of the Dark Knight a chance to see the new Batmobile in person.

While sticking to the heavily armoured/Lambo-tank design of the Tumbler that featured in first two films of Christopher Nolan’s recent trilogy, the 2016 Batmobile is a lot slimmer – appearing to draw much inspiration from the rally raid buggies used in off-road racing.

Notably, after a mid-engine layout was experimented with for the Tumbler, it appears that the Caped Crusader has ditched the front-engined, rear-wheel driven system (a classic Batmobile trait) for good.

Serious ride height and suspension travel (as well as the protective hubs that cover the front of the tyres front and rear) hint that bundu bashing might be on the agenda when Batman takes the fight to his DC Comics brethren.

On the topic of fighting, dual turrets on the Batmobile’s nose point to a machine gun-assisted frontal assault, while quad outlets flanking them are potential missile launchers.

The new Batmobile will be revealed on the silver screen only early next year, but those who find themselves in Hollywood, California will be treated to a rare chance to view the Tumbler’s successor at the studio until 31 December 2015.

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