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Date:31 August 2008 Tags:,

Triumph Speedmaster and Bonneville America

Retro style is great as far as it goes, but modern conveniences have their place. So we can hear some folk saying, “Not before time!” at the news that Triumph’s pair of retro cylinder cruisers get fuel injection for 2008. Fortunately for fans of the retro look, you can’t tell the difference just by looking at the new model: the 2008 throttle bodies are designed to look like carbs. Benefits claimed for the 865 cm3 parallel twin engine common to both bikes is smoother running, easier starting, more power and improved efficiency.

The Speedmaster and the Bonneville America are both based upon the British Triumph Bonneville sports classic, but with the crank throws of their 865 cm3 parallel twin engines altered to give 270- instead of 360-degree firing intervals. The result, according to Triumph: a distinctive uneven V-Twin throb without the unwieldy long wheelbase caused by having to squeeze in a V engine longitudinally. Speaking of distinctive sounds, the Speedmaster’s deepchromed slash-cut pipes contrast with the satin black engine finish, whereas the America has a pair of deep-chrome reverse cone mufflers.

The engine now produces 46 kW at 6 800 r/min and 74 N.m at 3 300 r/min.

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