New on the blockNissan Sentra SE-R

Nissan Sentra SE-R
Date:30 June 2007 Tags:,


Nissan hasn’t exactly kept the high-performance flag flying high locally in the sport compact market. Which doesn’t mean that the company hasn’t been making efforts to ensure its street cred remains intact in other parts of the world. The new Sentra SE-R may be rather dull to look at, but careful tuning has brought poise to the Sentra chassis. The 132-kW SE-R comes paired only to a CVT transmission, but spending a few more pennies puts the buyer in reach of the 150-kW SE-R Spec V. The Spec V comes with a six-speed manual, optional limited-slip differential, bigger brakes and a firmer suspension that lowers the car by 10 mm. It’s one of the quickest in its class despite gaining a few kilograms. On a racetrack the steering feels quick and the shifter works with a satisfying “snick.” It’s got plenty of grip, too. The SE-R has a sporty cockpit with an oil pressure gauge and a cool G-meter that measures acceleration and deceleration forces. Overall, the SE-R is a tight package at a great price. What do you say, Nissan South Africa?
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