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Bentley Continental GTC
Date:30 September 2007

Bentley Continental GTC

This intoxicatingly powerful British Grand Touring convertible is built to comfortably dispatch hundreds of kilometres very, very quickly. It’s the ultimate road-trip car for the rich and famous. Thanks to the 6-litre 421 kW twin-turbo 12-cylinder engine, everything you ask of this car is simply effortless. Given enough road, it will accelerate all the way to beyond 310 km/h. On the freeway, if you dip your toe slightly into the throttle, the boost hits, like right now, sending the Bentley into warp speeds and shrinking everything else on the road into a speck on your rearview mirror. It’s eerily competent at this task – and completely addictive. Our fuel economy on a road trip was around 18 litres/100 km. That’s the other price you pay for power.
– BS

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