Nissan Juke Dig-T Tekna AWD CVT

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Potent Poser

To look at, the Juke is all about fun. Its wacky styling – like nothing else on the road – sets it distinctively apart. Is it an SUV? Is it a hatchback? Well, one thing it is not is simply a poser’s drive – as the DIG-T Tekna AWD CVT showed.

Introduced midyear, CVT combines seamless shifting with some pretty invigorating performance from the turbocharged 1,6-litre engine. There’s no discernible lag – apply right foot, and whoosh – and the CVT seems particularly well matched to the engine. Even better, says Nissan, it helps improve fuel economy by keeping the engine more accurately within its optimum operating zone.

Driven with, um, enthusiasm, the Juke belies its elevated stance. It feels more like a zippy hot hatch than anything else.

Smart drive. There wasn’t reason to complain about the original 2wd drivetrain, but the inclusion of 4wd has to be a benefit, both from the point of view of safety and traction. Available only in the turbocharged model, All-mode 4x4i is, says Nissan, an intelligent awd system that distributes torque between the front and rear wheels via a torque vectoring system up to a maximum split of 50:50. Specifically to limit understeer, sensors relaying information about steering, yaw rate lateral G and wheel speed provide inputs for a torque vectoring system that manages power between the two rear wheels as well, by means of an electronically controlled coupling.

In brief:

Drive: awd, CVT

Engine: 1,6, turbocharged

Power: 140 kW

Torque: 240 N.m

Price: R 314 900


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