Nissan’s NV200 EV and LEAF

Nissan NV200 EV
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Mass-market electric vehicles have tended to be concentrated in the personal transport arena, but Nissan is moving into the commercial space. Global tests are in progress of an EV based on Nissan’s compact NV200 (left). Initial tests in Japan will be followed by similar evaluations in Europe.

“The role that can be played by zero-emissions vehicles in promoting a balance between economic growth and environmental protection in the realm of logistics is large,” says Nissan corporate vice-president Hideto Murakami, responsible for the Global LCV Business Unit. “We will certainly reflect the customer feedback gained from these proving tests in our future product development, and I expect that our commercial electric vehicles based on the NV200 will contribute to our customers’ business and to the development of a sustainable society.”

The Nissan NV200, sold in about 40 countries, was recently chosen as the nextgeneration New York taxi and is intended to be used worldwide, with applications ranging from commerce to leisure. The test programme forms part of Nissan’s initiative to become the global leader in zero-emission vehicles. Its related efforts include the production of lithium-ion batteries, development of charging infrastructure and internal speed charging equipment, and the recycling and reuse of batteries.

Meanwhile, Nissan Netherlands and Dutch mobility services provider The New Motion have partnered to provide Nissan LEAF owners in the Netherlands with safe, efficient home and office charging solutions.

Installed for 995 Euros, a dedicated charging point – complying with all current legislation and certified by Nissan – will achieve a full charge at 16 amps in less than eight hours. As it operates on its own circuit, the charging unit allows all other domestic appliances to continue running efficiently in parallel.

Nissan LEAF customers will also be able to sign up for access to a network of fast-charge stations that is being rolled out by The New Motion on major routes across the country. Five fast-charge points, which will charge a Nissan LEAF from zero to 80 per cent in about 30 minutes, are already operational. A total of 30 points will be installed by the end of 2012. The New Motion has also developed a public charging package that provides full service assistance for the installation of a public charge point close to the customers’ premises, funded by the municipality.

Download wallpaper of the Nissan LEAF.

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