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Date:23 November 2012 Tags:, , ,

On home territory in Paris, Peugeot presented 40 production vehicles and concept cars on a massive 3 900-m2 stand. Of course they made a big show of the new 208, but most of the gasps of admiration would have been reserved for the Onyx concept supercar.

The Onyx is powered by a 450 kW 3-litre V8 HDi hybrid in a rear central position, driving the wheels through a 6-speed sequential-shift gearbox. Clad in carbon fibre, this supercar is said to have its roots in Peugeot’s long and intensive involvement in motorsports at the highest level.

Innovative touches in the construction include aluminium-framed “double-bubble” glass roof, passenger “pod” dressed in felt, and Newspaper Wood, produced from compressed used newspapers, used for the dashboard and centre console.

The Onyx car comes with two companions: a bicycle and a scooter. The Onyx Concept Bike is described as an ultralight superbike with a carbon fibre frame designed by the Peugeot Design Lab; the matching scooter is a 3-wheeled 400 cm3 hybrid supertrike.

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