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    2009 Ford Fiesta

    The economical, Euro-bred Fiesta will allow Ford to integrate its models across the globe, saving money, and the company could certainly use that. The Fiesta might be the pick of the class in terms of ride and handling. In the metal, particularly in the soft Italian light of Siena, where we drove it, the Fiesta is a real looker Accommodations are generous up front. And although tall folks in the rear seats will have their legs cramped, there’s plenty of headroom – so short journeys are reasonable.

    The 88 kW 1,6-litre Four delivers 152 N.m of torque. With variable timing for its twin overhead camshafts, the mill has a docile idle and a 0-to-100 km/h time of 9,9 seconds. Ah, but it’s economy that we’re concerned with, isn’t it? This one delivers around 6 litres/100 km on the highway. Ford has never produced a more refined engine for such a small car. This smooth operator rivals the Honda Jazz.

    In terms of fun per buck, the Fiesta gets our vote. And you don’t get your eyeballs rattled in their sockets as a result of the taut handling, either.

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