Project LiveWire: Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle

  • LED lighting Image credit: Harley-Davidson
  • Project Livewire's motor Image credit: Harley-Davidson
  • Harley-Davidson's electric motorcycle has a light, one-piece, nimble-handling frame. Image credit: Harley-Davidson
Date:25 June 2014 Tags:, , , ,

Harley-Davidson has revealed Project LiveWire, the first Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle.

But, wait! Before you rush to see where you can buy one, Project LiveWire is not for sale. Instead, the company is inviting the public across the US to ride its electric motorcycle and provide feedback, thereby helping to shape the future of this new bike – an approach very much in line with the company’s consumer-led product development.

Those who don’t get a chance to ride Project LiveWire will still be able to share in the fun – they’ll get to feel the power of the electric motorcycle through Jumpstart, a simulated riding experience.

Said Matt Levatich, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company: “Harley-Davidson has reinvented itself many times in our history, with customers leading us every step of the way. Project LiveWire is another exciting, customer-led moment in our history.”

Kicking off with a journey down Route 66, a 2014 Project LiveWire Experience US tour will visit more than 30 Harley-Davidson dealerships now through the end of the year. In 2015, the Project LiveWire Experience will continue in the US and expand into Canada and Europe.

According to Harley-Davidson, its exciting new ride offers a visceral riding experience with tyre-shredding acceleration and an unmistakable new sound.

“The sound is a distinct part of the thrill,” said Mark-Hans Richer, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “Think fighter jet on an aircraft carrier. Project LiveWire’s unique sound was designed to differentiate it from internal combustion and other electric motorcycles on the market.”

Only time will tell whether Harley-Davidson eventually sells its electric motorcycle to the public. Let’s hope that the feedback from the riders is good. Or not. Let us know if you think Harley-Davidson should refrain from dabbling in the electric arena?


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